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Telecommunications in the Republic of Cyprus were excellent. In 1990 the island had 210,000 telephones, or 30 per 100 population. All telephones were connected to automatic exchanges, and international direct dialing was available throughout the island. International facsimile (fax), data transmission, and telex services were also available. The domestic transmission system consisted of a mix of coaxial cables and analog radio links, along with the latest technologies of digital radio-relay and fiber optics cables. There were 234,000 television sets (color and black and white) in the nation at the beginning of the 1990s. The state Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation had two radio stations and one television station. There was also a private radio station, and, in addition, the British forces had both radio and television broadcasting facilities. International communications were via three submarine cables, two to Europe and one to Lebanon; tropospheric-scatter radio links to Greece and Turkey; and three satellite ground stations, two working with the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (Intelsat) Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean satellites and the third linked to the European Telecommunications Satellite Organisation (Eutelsat) system.

Data as of January 1991