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Politics: Monopoly on politics held by Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunisticka strana Ceskoslovenska--KSC). Gustav Husak elected first secretary of KSC in 1969 (changed to general secretary in 1971) and president of Czechoslovakia in 1975. Other parties and organizations exist but function in subordinate roles to KSC. All political parties, as well as numerous mass organizations, grouped under umbrella of National Front of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Human rights activists and religious activists severely repressed.

Government: Government functioned under 1960 Constitution, which was substantially amended in 1968 and to lesser extents in 1971, 1975, and 1978. 1968 amendments created federal government structure, although subsequent amendments greatly limited authority of Czech Socialist Republic and Slovak Socialist Republic. Power of federal administration severely limited by "shadow government" within KSC, which made all important policy decisions.

Foreign Relations: Formal diplomatic relations with 135 nations in 1987. Czechoslovakia considered strong ally of Soviet Union and closely followed Soviet lead in international affairs. Relations with United States poor in 1987.

International Agreements and Memberships: Active participant in Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon), Warsaw Pact, United Nations and its specialized agencies, and Movement of Nonaligned Nations; signatory of conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Data as of August 1987