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Dominican Republic


Population: Annual rate of increase thought to be approximately 2.5 percent in mid-1980s. Projected total population to be just over 7 million by mid-1990.

Language: Spanish.

Ethnic Groups: Majority of mid-1980s population (approximately 73 percent) mulatto, a legacy of black slavery during colonial period. Approximately 16 percent of Dominicans white; 11 percent black.

Education and Literacy: An estimated 74 percent of population literate in 1986. Education system included six years of compulsory primary education, an additional six years of secondary education, and higher education at one of more than twenty-six postsecondary institutions. Major university and sole public institution was Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (Universidad Autónoma de Santa Domingo--UASD).

Health: State-funded health programs reached 78 to 89 percent of population. Facilities concentrated in Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros (Santiago); service in rural areas suffered accordingly. Main causes of death pulmonary circulatory diseases and intestinal diseases. Average life expectancy 62.6 years for 1980-84 period.

Religion: More than 90 percent Roman Catholic. Protestant groups also active; Evangelicals most successful in attracting converts.

Data as of December 1989