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Ranks, Uniforms, and Insignia

Figure 7. Officer Ranks and Insignia, 1989

Figure 8. Enlisted Ranks and Insignia, 1989

The rank structure of the armed forces followed traditional lines and largely conformed to the pattern of the United States services, with minor variations reflecting the disparity in force levels. The army had eight enlisted ranks, six company and fieldgrade ranks, and three ranks for general officers (see fig. 7; fig. 8). The air force had seven enlisted ranks. Its officer ranks were identical to those of the army. Naval enlisted personnel were separated into six ranks; officers, into six; and flag-rank officers (admirals), into three. The highest rank attainable was lieutenant general (army or air force) or vice admiral (navy).

Uniforms resembled those of United States counterparts in cut, design, and material. The ground forces wore olive green uniforms; the air force, blue; and the navy, either navy blue or white. All branches also had khaki uniforms. The three categories of uniform included full dress, dress, and daily. The dress uniform was worn off-duty as well as on semiformal occasions. The basic uniform for officers consisted of a short-sleeve or a longsleeve shirt, tie, trousers, belt, and black shoes. The basic uniform for army and air force enlisted personnel was an olive green fatigue uniform with combat boots. Navy enlisted personnel wore denim shirts and dungarees for work and middy blouse and trousers when off-duty.

Army and air force company-grade officers wore one, two, or three silver laurel leaves as their insignia of rank. For fieldgrade officers, rank insignia consisted of one to three gold stars. Brigadier, major, and lieutenant generals wore one, two, and three silver stars, respectively. Naval officer ranks were indicated by gold bands worn on the lower sleeve of the uniform jacket. Army and air force enlisted personnel wore green chevrons on the upper sleeve; navy enlisted personnel wore red chevrons.

Data as of December 1989