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Roads: Approximately 28,000 kilometers of roads in 1989, of which 3,600 paved, 17,400 gravel and improved earth, and 7,000 dirt roads. Pan American Highway most heavily traveled route. Few all-weather highways located in Oriente.

Railroads: Totalled 965 kilometers in 1989. Service on principal line between Quito and Guayaquil only partially restored following floods in early 1980s.

Airports: One hundred seventy-nine airports, of which forty-three had permanent surface runways. Quito and Guayaquil only international airports and handled largest volume of air traffic.

Ports: Country's five ports carried 95 percent of all imports and exports in late 1980s. Sixty percent of this trade passed through two Guayaquil ports. The national merchant marine consisted of 130 vessels.

Data as of 1989