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Armed Forces: Included army, navy, and air force with total strength estimated at 49,0000 in 1988. Country divided into four army theaters of operation (defense zones), three naval zones, and two air zones. Army operational zones consisted of five infantry brigades, two jungle brigades, one special forces brigade, and armored, logistics, engineering, and army aviation commands. Navy organized into destroyer division; fast-missile craft, corvette, and submarine squadrons; auxiliary vessels and transports; a naval aviation unit; coast guard; and marines. Air Force operations consisted of Fighter and Fighter-Ground Attack Squadrons; Light Attack Squadron; and Air Defense Group.

Equipment: Major ground forces armaments included Frenchorigin light tanks, four-wheeled reconnaissance vehicles, and armored personnel carriers; Brazilian armored cars and wheeled personnel carriers; and tracked personnel carriers from the United States. Naval equipment included West German missile attack craft and two small submarines; Italian corvettes equipped with Exocet missiles; and one Gearing-class destroyer from United States. Air Force equipment included British Jaguars; United States Cessnas; and Israeli Kfirs.

Police: Subordinate to Ministry of Government and Justice. Estimated 18,000 members organized into technical operations and support directorates and four operational units.

Data as of 1989