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Railroads: 5,905 kilometers (Russian gauge--1.524 meters) in operation, of which about 500 kilometers multipletrack and 1,445 kilometers electrified in 1987. Railroads used primarily for bulk commodities because of growing competition from trucking.

Highways: About 76,000 kilometers in 1987 (including 43,000 paved). Another 30,000 kilometers of private, statesubsidized roads.

Inland Waterways: About 9,200 kilometers of floatways used by wood industries to move forest products downstream to processing centers and on to ports for export. Another 6,100 kilometers of internal waterways for general use, including about 70 kilometers of canals.

Ports: Seven major ports, many minor ports. Most ports blocked by ice in winter.

Civil Airports: Helsinki airport handled most international traffic; about forty smaller airports served secondary cities.

Telecommunications: Excellent system covering most cities; mobile telephones widely used in rural areas.

Data as of December 1988