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Police Training

Competition for employment by the police was keen. Fewer than 10 percent of the average of 3,500 who applied annually were accepted for training. Candidates were required to have completed secondary school and to have emerged from military service with at least an NCO rank. The five-month police cadet course was given at the Police Training Center at Tampere. The course was followed by twelve to eighteen months of active police work, after which policemen returned to the center for six months of further training. Completion of this phase led to the rank of senior constable.

Advanced police training was conducted at the Police Academy in Otaniemi near Helsinki. The five-month NCO course provided instruction in such fields as police administrative law, criminal law, criminal trial law, civil law, police tactics, psychology, and forensic medicine. Those completing the course advanced to the rank of sergeant. An eight-month course for officers led to the rank of lieutenant, and a four-month commanding officers' course prepared candidates for police chief's duties.

Data as of December 1988