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Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Approximately US$4.7 billion in 1987; US$600 per capita.

Extractive Industries: Oil most important sector of economy. Contributed 30 percent of GDP in 1985. Concentrated in areas offshore of Cabinda Province. Diamond mining in northeast disrupted by fighting.

Agriculture: In steep decline as result of insurgency. Contributed only 9 percent of GDP in 1985. Coffee principal export crop.

Manufacturing: Stagnant in late 1980s because of insurgency and lack of spare parts. Contributed 16 percent of GDP in 1985. Main industries food processing, construction, and textiles.

Exports: Oil revenue nearly 90 percent of total export earnings in 1988.

Imports: Foodstuffs, military equipment, and inputs to petroleum industry most important imports.

Currency: In December 1988, official rate of kwanza was Kz29.3 to US$1, but United States dollar traded on parallel market at up to Kz2,100.

Fiscal Year: Calendar year.

Data as of February 1989