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The authors wish to acknowledge their use and adaptation of substantial portions of the 1982 edition of East Germany: A Country Study, which was edited by Eugene K. Keefe. The authors of the 1982 edition whose work was used in this edition were as follows: Rosalyn L. Unger, "Historical Setting"; Sallie M. Hicks, "The Society and Its Environment"; William P. Baxter, "National Security"; and Carl H. McMillan, "The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance." The authors are also grateful to E. Wayne Merry of the Department of State, who provided information and insights on East German affairs. Robert E. McKeown and Scott McKnight furnished their expertise on the National People's Army. None of the individuals is responsible for the contents of this edition, however.

In addition, the authors express their appreciation to members of the Federal Research Division staff who made significant contributions to the preparation of this study. The authors owe special thanks to Richard Nyrop, who supplied invaluable help and suggestions at all stages of the production process. Thanks go also to Marilyn L. Majeska, who edited the manuscript and oversaw its production, and to editorial assistants Barbara Edgerton and Izella Watson, who helped prepare the manuscript. Invaluable graphics support was provided by David P. Cabitto and his assistants, Sandra K. Cotugno and Kimberly A. Lord. Thanks are owed to Susan M. Lender, who reviewed the map drafts, and Harriett R. Blood, who prepared the final maps. Stan Sciora furnished detailed information on the ranks and insignia of the East German armed forces, in addition to the forces of the other members of the Warsaw Pact. The index was prepared by Editorial Experts, and Andrea T. Merrill performed the final prepublication review. Diann J. Johnson, of the Library of Congeess Composing Unit, prepared the camera-ready copy under the supervision of Peggy Pixley.

Finally, the authors wish to note the generosity of individuals and private agencies who provided photographs for use in this book. The authors are especially grateful for original work not previously published.

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