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East Germany


Gross National Product: Estimated US$1637 billion in 1984; US$9,800 GNP per capita, with 3 percent growth rate. Economy centrally planned and controlled by communist party.

Energy and Mining: Country energy deficient; relies on imported crude oil and natural gas from Soviet Union and domestic lignite. Energy probable major problem for 1990s. Dependent on imports for iron and nonferrous ores.

Industry: Manufacturing industries dominate. Machinery important; also chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, textiles, and food processing.

Agriculture: System largely collectivized. Efficient but must import grain, vegetables, vegetable oil, and livestock.

Foreign Trade: Major trade partners other communist countries. Major exports machinery, optics, and electronics. Major imports crude oil, agricultural products, metals and metal products, and consumer goods.

Balance of trade positive in 1984: exports US$25.2 billion; imports were US$22.9 billion.

Exchange Rate: About 205 GDR marks per US$1 in March 1987

Fiscal Year: Calendar year

Fiscal Policy: Central planning; state almost exclusive owner of means of production.

Data as of July 1987