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East Germany


Railroads: 14,226 kilometers total in 1985, of which 13,777 standard gauge and 293 narrow gauge; 2,523 overhead electrified. In 1984, 3,830 kilometers doubled-tracked.

Roads: 120,433 kilometers total in 1983; 47,380 kilometers concrete, asphalt, and stone block, of which 18,987 kilometers autobahn and limited-access roads; over 73,000 kilometers asphalt treated, gravel, crushed stone, and earth.

Inland Waterways: 2,319 kilometers total in 1984

Pipelines: For oil, 1,301 kilometers; for refined products, 500 kilometers; for natural gas, 1,700 kilometers.

Ports: Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund, and Sassnitz on Baltic; East Berlin, Eisenhüttenstadt, Magdeburg, and Riesa on inland waterways.

Airports: East Berlin-Schöenfeld, Dresden, Erfurt, Heringsdorf, and Leipzig

Telecommunications: In mid-1980s about 3.6 million telephones, or 21.8 for every 100 inhabitants. System not fully automated.

Data as of July 1987