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Democratic Peasants' Party of Germany

Formed by the SED on April 12, 1948, in a calculated attempt to increase its influence among farmers, the DBD adopted a platform that advocated land reform and the strengthening of bonds between farmers and workers. The DBD became a primary instrument in the drive to collectivize agriculture, an important SED goal. Like the other alliance parties, the DBD became an auxiliary of the SED and has not diverged from the official SED party line since its founding. In May 1982 Ernst Mecklenburg took over the chairmanship of the DBD from Ernst Goldbaum, who had become a member of the KPD in 1919 but left the SED in 1948 to form the DBD. Mecklenburg, who has been a deputy chairman of the Council of State since July 1982, is also a deputy in the People's Chamber.

Data as of July 1987