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East Germany

East Germany Joins the Warsaw Pact

In spite of external appearances, the creation of the NVA did not imply that the Soviet Union was surrendering its authority over East Germany. Soviet control was subtle but nonetheless pervasive: from its inception, the NVA was fully integrated into the Warsaw Pact (see Appendix C). East Germany assumed complete responsibility for its military security within its own borders. External security was ensured by membership in the Warsaw Pact. Presumably, East European concerns about a new German army were laid to rest by assurances that East German troops operating outside their own borders would be under joint command.

The integration of East Germany into the Warsaw Pact lent the state a certain amount of internationally recognized legitimacy and made it difficult for the Soviet Union to negotiate the country out of existence in an agreement with the West. Ultimately, the Soviet Union recognized this fact by signing the bilateral Treaty on Mutual Assistance and Cooperation with East Germany on June 12, 1964. This treaty completed the process of integrating East Germany into the network that bound Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union.

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