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Size: 238,533 square kilometers, roughly the size of the states of Illinois and Indiana.

Topography: Generally low physical relief except in the east. Five distinct geographical regions: low plains inland from Atlantic coast; northern plateau stretching from western border to Volta River Basin averaging 450 meters in height; mountainous uplands along eastern border, bisected in south by Volta River Gorge; Volta River Basin in center; and dissected plateau up to 300 meters high in north.

Climate: Tropical climate governed by interaction of dry continental airmass from the northeast and moist southwest equatorial system. Annual mean temperature between 26°C and 29°C. Annual rainfall varies from more than 2,100 millimeters in southwest to 1,000 millimeters in north. Vegetation heaviest in south, thinning to savanna and dry plains in north.

Data as of November 1994