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Ports and Shipping

Ghana has two deep artificial harbors, one at Tema and the other at Takoradi. The first stage of the government's five-year plan to improve Ghana's physical infrastructure began with the expenditure of US$80 million to rehabilitate the port at Tema. As a result of the work, the port's capacity for handling dry tonnage rose by 50 percent to 2.7 million tons. Work planned at Takoradi should increase capacity by 128 percent to 1.6 million tons. The Volta River, the Ankobra River, and the Tano River provide 168 kilometers of perennial navigation for launches and lighters. Lake Volta provides 1,125 kilometers of arterial and feeder waterways. In addition, the government is developing new ports on Lake Volta to create an inland waterway network. Ghana's merchant marine service includes six ships (five cargo and one refrigerated).

Data as of November 1994