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From 1962 to 1968, Canada maintained a significant military presence in Ghana. This relationship began on January 8, 1962, when Ottawa established a thirty-member Canadian Armed Forces Training Team (CAFTTG) to assist with the training of young Ghanaian officers. Except for pay and allowances, Ghana bore the cost of this training program. During their time in Ghana, CAFTTG personnel served at the Teshi Military Academy (later Ghana Military Academy), the Military Hospital, the Ministry of Defence, Army Headquarters, the Armed Forces Training School (Kumasi), the Air Force Station (Takoradi), the Airborne School (Tamale), and the Training School (Accra). RCAF pilots also augmented the RAF team that was training Ghanaian Air Force pilots. In 1969, the Canadian government decided to phase out all military assistance programs in developing countries. Ottawa later reversed this decision, however, and established a one-man CAFTTG office in Ghana until 1982, when this individual returned to Canada.

Apart from training assistance, Canada also provided a modest amount of military equipment to Ghana during the immediate postindependence period. Shortly after the GAF was formed, Ghana purchased numerous aircraft from Canada, including fourteen Beavers, twelve Otters, and eight twin-engined Caribou transports.

Data as of November 1994