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In April 1959, Israel, with help from India, supervised the establishment of the Ghanaian Air Force. A small Israeli team also trained aircraft maintenance personnel and radio technicians at the Accra-based Air Force Trade Training School. Although the British persuaded Nkrumah to withdraw Israeli advisers from Ghana in 1960, Ghanaian pilots continued to receive some training at aviation schools in Israel. After Nkrumah's overthrow, Israeli military activities in Ghana ended.

United States


President Jerry Rawlings, on an official visit to Washington in March 1995, discussed Ghana's role in international peacekeeping, regional stability in West Africa, trade, and mutual cooperation with President William J. Clinton
Courtesy The White House

Military relations between Ghana and the United States have been minimal and have been concentrated in the International Military Education and Training (IMET) program, which includes professional military education, management, and technical training. Between fiscal year (FY) 1950 and FY 1990, the value of training under the IMET program amounted to US$3.5 million. Estimated IMET figures for FY 1991 were US$252,000; for FY 1992, US$175,000; and for FY 1993, US$250,000. No credits under the United States Foreign Military Sales program were given to Ghana after 1955; in FY 1995, however, $300,000 in credits was reportedly made available. Private United States companies received about US$905,000 worth of commercial export licenses for Ghanaian arms purchases from FY 1950 to FY 1990.

Data as of November 1994