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Gross Domestic Product (GDP): In 1990 US$275 million, or US$369 per capita, one of lowest in the Western Hemisphere.

Agriculture: Most important sector of economy, accounting for 30 percent of GDP in 1989. Sugar and rice most important crops.

Mining: One of largest bauxite reserves in the world. Nationalization of the industry and labor disputes have hampered mining operations and refining of bauxite into alumina; in 1991 Guyana exported only small amounts of unprocessed bauxite ore. Unknown reserves of gold and diamonds.

Manufacturing: Small sector consisting of food processing, mineral processing, textiles, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals.

Exports: US$204 million in 1990. Major commodities: sugar, bauxite, shrimp, rice, and gold.

Imports: US$250 million in 1990. Primarily fuel, machinery, and consumer goods.

Debt: US$1.96 billion (Dec. 1990)

Currency: Guyanese dollar (G$) divided into 100 cents. G$ repeatedly devalued in 1980s; official exchange rate dropped from US$1=G$4.252 in 1985 to US$1=G$10 in 1987. In April 1989, official exchange rate was US$1=G$33. As of December 1992, official rate was US$1=G$125, with adjustments made weekly.

Fiscal Year: Calendar year.

Data as of January 1992