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Armed Forces: In 1991 armed forces included 1,700-member Guyanese Defence Force (GDF), unified service with ground, naval, and air elements; 2,000-member National Guard Service, reserve unit; and two paramilitary organizations: 2,000-member Peoples's Militia and 1,500-member Guyana National Service.

Army: Ground forces organized into two infantry battalions, one guard battalion, one Special Forces battalion, one support weapons battalion, one artillery battery, and one engineer company.

Maritime Corps: Naval element of GDF consisted of four patrol craft and 100 personnel based in Georgetown and New Amsterdam.

Air Command: Air element of GDF consisted of 200 personnel with five aircraft and five helicopters based at Timehri Airport.

Equipment: Most weaponry supplied by Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Some naval craft acquired from People's Democratic Republic of Korea.

Defense Budget: US$5.5 million in 1989, about 6 percent of GDP.

Internal Security Forces: National police, the Guyana Police Force, with about 5,000 members.

Data as of January 1992