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Ports: Port-au-Prince leading commercial port, followed by Cap-Haïtien, which handled most cruise ship traffic. Lesser ports include Miragoâne, Les Cayes, Fort Liberté, Gonaïves, and Jérémie.

Railroads: Only rail line used for transporting sugarcane. No passenger rail service.

Roads: Over 3,700 kilometers of roads in 1989, 17 percent paved, 27 percent gravel or otherwise improved, and 56 percent unimproved dirt roads. Two paved highways linked northern and southern regions.

Airports: One international airport at Port-au-Prince. Eleven other airfields of varying quality.

Telecommunications: Telephone service highly concentrated in Port-au-Prince; extremely limited service in rural areas. Some 400 telex lines functioning in late 1980s.

Data as of December 1989