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Armed Forces: Haitian Armed Forces (Forces Armées d'Haïti--FAd'H) include army, navy, air corps, and some police forces. Total armed forces and police strength approximately 8,000.

Organization: FAd'H military arm of Ministry of Interior and National Defense. Commander in chief appointed by president (Avril held both offices in late 1989). Chain of command runs through assistant commander in chief to geographical and functional commands. Two of three major army units-- Dessalines Battalion and Leopards Corps--disbanded after April 1989 coup attempt, leaving Presidential Guard (Garde Présidentelle) as dominant force in capital. Administratively, country divided into nine military departments and three military regions.

Equipment: All branches, especially navy and air corps, ill-equipped. Army fielded antiquated weaponry of United States manufacture, although some units equipped with more modern small arms. Navy consisted of one armed tug, nine small patrol craft, and presidential yacht. Air corps totalled seventeen fixed-wing aircraft, thirteen trainers, and eight helicopters.

Police: Port-au-Prince police, with approximately 1,000 members, only functioning police force in late 1989. Armed forces personnel performed internal security functions in rural areas.

Data as of December 1989