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Armed Forces: In mid-1994 armed forces of about 20,000 personnel organized into three service branches (army, air force, and navy) and national police. Largest branch, army, had an estimated 13,500 troops; air force, 1,200; navy, 600; police, 4,500 personnel.

Units: Military units assigned to one of ten regions. Primary troop component of army is light infantry battalion, of which there were sixteen in early 1990s. Number of specialized support units, including artillery, armored car, engineering, and special forces.

Military Equipment: Equipment from United States and West European countries. Basic infantry weapon Belgian FAL and United States M-16. Fighter-bombers primarily from France by way of Israel; light tanks from Britain; and helicopters from United States.

Defense Budget: Averaged at US$44.2 million in 1992-93, about 1 percent of GDP.

Police and Internal Security: Until April 1994, separate service branch with own general staff; police integral part of armed forces command structure. This branch was dissolved; and as of July 1994, no replacement police force or internal security organization had been formed.

Data as of December 1993