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Other Military Units

A number of additional units and dependencies complement the major services. One consists of the centers of military instruction, which train both officers and enlisted personnel (see Recruitment and Training , this ch.). The Logistical Support Center is responsible for meeting the military needs for transport, maintenance, production, warehousing, supply, and distribution of materials and equipment. Dependencies include the Auditor's Office, the Office of the Paymaster General, and the Military Pension Institute (Instituto de Pensión Militar--IPM). The IPM, a semiautonomous government agency charged with providing for the economic well-being and security of members of the armed forces upon retirement, manages many of the growing number of militaryowned businesses (see Involvement in the Nation's Economy , this ch.).

Finally, there are the reserves, which complement the activeduty armed forces and consist of standby and general reserve groups. The standby reserve consists of citizens who have completed active military service. The general reserve, which is poorly administered and offers very little military capability, is made up of all physically and mentally fit Honduran men who have not served in the military. The size of the standby reserve stood at 60,000 in 1990.

Data as of December 1993