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Roads: 13,410 kilometers of roads in 1985, providing relatively dense network.

Railroads: 528 kilometers of state-owned railroads in 1988 linking major centers of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheba, and Ashdod.

Ports: Haifa most important, handling about 55 percent of foreign trade in 1985, excluding bulk oil transport. Ashdod and Elat (Red Sea) other major cargo ports. Oil terminals at Elat and near Ashqelon; coal terminal at Hadera.

Airports: International airport at Lod; smaller airport at Elat.

Pipelines: Elat to near Ashqelon for crude oil for ongoing shipment; branch leads to Ashdod and Haifa refineries and to consumption centers, including Elat, for petroleum products.

Communications: Modern, developed system with good connections via cable and three ground satellite stations to rest of world. In FY 1986 about 1.9 million telephones. In late 1980s, Israel a demand for more telecommunications services than it was able to provide.

Data as of December 1988