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Ivory Coast


Railroads: Government-owned railroad runs 660 kilometers between Abidjan and border with Burkina Faso, where, under different ownership, it continues on to Ouagadougou; one-meter gauge, single track except at stations.

Roads: Extensive system totaling 53,736 kilometers; more than 3,600 kilometers bituminous and bituminous-treated surface; 32,000 kilometers gravel, crushed stone, laterite, and improved earth; 18,136 unimproved. Hard surface roads generally run northsouth , linking cities to Abidjan.

Ports and Shipping: Major ports at Abidjan and San-Pédro; minor port at Sassandra. At Abidjan, facilities included total of thirty-five deepwater berths for general, bulk, and container cargo; roll-on/roll-off facility; and specialized quays for bananas, fish, timber, cement, hydrocarbons, and tankers. In 1986 handled 9.5 million tons of cargo.

Civil Aviation: Government-owned Ivoirian Air Transport and Liaison (Groupement Aérien de Transport et Liraison--GATL), also known as Air Ivoire, provided domestic and regional service; international service provided by Air Afrique, owned by consortium of African countries and based in Abidjan. International airports at Abidjan, Bouaké, and Yamoussoukro, plus 13 major domestic airfields, 17 smaller regional airfields, and 50 private airfields.

Data as of November 1988