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Armed Forces: In 1987 armed forces numbered 9,730 personnel: army numbered 5,500; navy, approximately 700; air force, approximately 930; and Presidential Guard and Militia (Garde Presidentielle et Milice--GPM), approximately 2,600. Military service compulsory; however, volunteers easily filled needs.

Major Tactical Units: Army included four infantry battalions of three companies each, one armored battalion of two squadrons, one antiaircraft artillery battalion, and one engineering battalion, all with support units. Navy included warships, auxiliaries, and service craft. Air force had one fighter-bomber squadron plus twenty transport aircraft and eleven helicopters for training and transport.

Foreign Military Assistance: Relied almost exclusively on French weaponry, communications equipment, and training. Japan provided a training ship plus technical assistance and training; Britain, Netherlands, Sweden, and United States sold support aircraft, small naval craft, trucks, jeeps, and mortars; Switzerland provided assault rifles.

Defense Expenditures: In 1986 defense spending came to CFA F32.4 billion, or less than 7.5 percent of government budget.

Police and Paramilitary Forces: In 1987, National Security Police (Sūreté Nationale), a national police force, numbered 5,300; paramilitary National Gendarmerie (Gendarmerie Nationale), responsible for maintaining law and order in rural areas, numbered approximately 4,500. Municipal police, under local control, maintained law and order in all urban administrations.

Data as of November 1988