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Figure 12. Transportation System, 1988

Source: Based on information from J.-N. Loucou, "Histoire," in Pierre Vennetier (ed.), Atlas de la Côte d'Ivoire (2d ed.), Paris, 1983, 59-61.

Following independence, the government invested heavily in infrastructure to transport the country's major export products. The relatively well-developed transport infrastructure was believed to be instrumental in the spectacular growth of the country's economy between 1960 and 1979. In 1986 the transport network included more than 53,736 kilometers of roads, of which some 3,765 kilometers were paved; 660 kilometers of railroads; two major seaports; 980 kilometers of navigable inland waterways (primarily lagoons because the country's rivers were not navigable); 3 international airports; 13 major domestic airfields; 17 smaller regional airfields; and 50 private airfields.

Data as of November 1988