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Table A. Chronology of Major Historical Periods

Dates                           Period*

ca. 10,000-ca. 300 B.C.          Jomon
ca. 300 B.C.-ca. A.D. 250        Yayoi
ca. A.D. 250-ca. 600             Kofun
ca. A.D. 600-710                 Asuka
A.D. 710-94                      Nara
A.D. 794-1185                    Heian
1185-1333                        Kamakura
1333-36                          Kemmu Restoration
1336-1573                        Muromachi (also called Ashikaga)
1573-1600                        Azuchi-Momoyama
1600-1867                        Tokugawa (also called Edo)
1868-1912                        Meiji (Mutsuhito)
1912-26                          Taisho (Yoshihito)
1926-89                          Showa (Hirohito)
1989-                            Heisei (Akihito)

*The last four periods are identified by reign titles; the name of the emperor is given in parentheses. Reign titles are used only after the death of the emperor.

Data as of January 1994