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Roads: In 1989 more than 7,500 kilometers, of which 5,500 kilometers asphalted; remainder gravel and crushed stone. Two major roads: north-south Desert Highway from Amman to Al Aqabah; eastwest highway from Al Mafraq to Iraqi border.

Railroads: In 1989 619 kilometers of 1-meter narrow gauge, single track; newer spur lines to connect old Hijaz Railway with phosphate mines and port of Al Aqabah.

Port: Al Aqabah on Gulf of Aqaba contains sections for general cargo, phosphates in bulk, and potash and fertilizers.

Airports: In 1989 nineteen usable airports, of which fourteen had permanent surface runways. Two major airports: Queen Alia International Airport, thirty kilometers south of Amman, and old international airport at Marka, King Abdullah Airport, used primarily by Royal Jordanian Air Force.

Pipelines: In 1989 total of 209 kilometers, consisting mainly of segment of Trans-Arabian Pipeline (Tapline) and connecting link to refinery at Az Zarqa.

Telecommunications: In 1989 government-owned communications system included telephones, telex, telegraph, fax, and television. Telephone service being improved, with more than 200,000 telephones in service and 85,000 customers awaiting phones; one Atlantic Ocean Intelsat station; one Indian Ocean Intelsat station; one Arabsat station.

Data as of December 1989