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Ranks and Insignia


Figure 16. Military Ranks and Insignia, 1989

The rank structure of the Jordanian army and air force was identical to that of the United States and British armies. There were, however, fewer enlisted grades (see fig. 16). Insignia of rank were worn on shoulder straps by officers; chevrons with points down was worn by enlisted men on upper right and left sleeves. Designation of officer ranks was based on combinations of seven-pointed stars (sometimes called pips), the Hashimite crown, crossed sabers, and wreaths. The system was similar to that of the British army with minor differences in design. In the army the basic color of the metal of insignia and buttons was gold; in the air force, silver.

Many units were authorized to wear identifying shoulder patches or flashes, but these were not worn during periods of combat or civil disturbance. In the field, branch and service were indicated by the color of the beret: chocolate brown for infantry, black for armor, navy blue for artillery, light blue for engineers, dark green for the Royal Guards, maroon for the Special Forces, and red for military police.

Data as of December 1989