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Population: In May 1991 census, population 7,795,786.

Language: Of native-born population, 99 percent Germanspeaking with small minorities speaking Serbo-Croatian or Slovenian.

Religion: Of native-born and foreign-born population combined, about 78 percent Roman Catholic, 5 percent Protestant, 8 percent other (includes Jewish, Muslim, and Orthodox), and 9 percent no denomination.

Education: Public elementary, secondary, and higher education free; nine years compulsory. By ninth year, students usually in preuniversity academic schools or vocational education. Literacy 99 percent for population over age fifteen.

Health and Welfare: Social insurance covers all wageearners and salaried employees, self-employed workers, and dependents. Coverage compulsory. State-required health insurance covers 99 percent of population. In 1990 average life expectancy almost seventy-six years (seventy-two for males and seventy-nine for females).

Data as of December 1993