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Transportation and Telecommunications

Highways: In 1990, 28,400 kilometers of roads, of which 22,400 hard-surfaced. Nearly all freight moves by road; plans to supplement connection with China-Pakistan highway, mid-1990s. Fuel shortage restricts vehicle use, mid-1990s.

Railroads: Little developed; 370 kilometers of track, one main line in north, 1994. Plans for north-south line begun 1995.

Civil Aviation: Two international airports, at Bishkek and Osh; about twenty-five smaller facilities. Beginning in 1991, fuel shortage diverts international traffic to Almaty in Kazakstan, with reduction in overall transport; regular service to Tashkent and Moscow.

Inland Waterways: None.

Ports: None.

Pipelines: In 1994, 220 kilometers for natural gas.

Telecommunications: Little developed; in 1994, about 7 per-cent of population with telephones. Equipment outmoded, operating at capacity, and difficult to replace. Three national radio stations, very limited domestic television.

Data as of March 1996