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Railroads: 6,028 kilometers total (94 percent standardgauge 1.435 meter and 6 percent 0.760 meter), of which about 5,388 kilometers state owned and 640 kilometers privately owned.

Highways: As of December 1992, 108,000 kilometers of roads, of which about 1,800 kilometers major highways, 9,900 kilometers main roads, and 25,900 kilometers secondary roads.

Inland Waterways: More than 350 kilometers, carrying approximately one-fifth of total trade. Danube River only navigable waterway with barges carrying up to 1,800 tons; important connection between North Sea, Germany, and Black Sea.

Ports: Vienna major river port.

Civil Airports: Fifty-five total; twenty with permanent-surface runways. Main international airport at ViennaSchwechat , southeast of Vienna; international flights also from Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, and Salzburg.

Telecommunications: Highly developed and efficient system with 4 million telephones, twenty-seven radio stations, forty-seven television stations, and four satellite ground stations.

Data as of December 1993