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Armed Forces: In 1994 defense forces consisted of 51,250 troops, of which 44,000 were in Bundesheer (Federal Army; including 19,500 conscripts) and 7,250 in air force (including 2,400 conscripts). No women serve in armed forces.

Treaty Commitments: State Treaty of 1955 prohibits union with Germany. Constitutional Law of October 26, 1955, declares permanent neutrality, rejects participation in any military alliance, and prohibits establishment of any foreign military base on territory.

Conscription and Reserves: Males obliged to perform total of six months of active duty and two months of reserve training (or eight months of active duty with no reserve training). Ready reserves (ready within seventy-two hours) 119,000 in 1994. Each year 66,000 receive refresher training. Additional 960,000 under age fifty with reserve training (all ranks).

Standing Forces: According to The Military Balance, 1994-1995, army consists of three corps (one organized as mechanized division consisting of three armored infantry brigades) and one provincial military command. Air force (part of Bundesheer) has one air division headquarters, three air regiments, and three air defense battalions. Reorganization of Bundesheer under New Army Structure to be completed in 1995.

Troops Abroad: In 1994 Austrian military troops serving in UN peacekeeping forces included deployment in Cyprus, Iraq/Kuwait, Rwanda, and Syria.

Sources of Equipment: Heavily dependent on foreign suppliers: United States, 29 percent; Western Europe, excluding Germany, 67 percent. State Treaty precludes arms imports from Germany. Sweden primary source of aircraft and missiles.

Defense Expenditures: In 1993 defense budget US$1.63 billion, lowest proportion of GNP (1 to 2 percent) in Europe, except for Luxembourg.

Internal Security: Most important law enforcement agencies part of national government and organized by Ministry for Interior. Federal Police, oriented to urban areas; Gendarmerie, responsible for rural areas and towns without federal or local contingent; State Police, concerned with counterterrorism and counterintelligence.

Data as of December 1993