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Population: Estimated at 2.6 million in 1983, not including about 400,000 Palestinian refugees.

Education: Five-year primary education mandatory. Education system disrupted during and after 1975 Civil War; many children did not attend school.

Literacy: Estimated at nearly 80 percent in mid-1980s.

Health: Drastically reduced health standards because of 1975 Civil War. In 1980s overall shortages of medical staff and facilities. Best health care available in private institutions.

Languages: Arabic official language. French and English also widely spoken. Armenian spoken by Armenian community.

Ethnic Groups: More than 90 percent of population Arab; some Armenians, Kurds, and Jews.

Religion: A variety of Muslim and Christian sects. Muslims included Shias, Sunnis, Druzes, Ismailis, and Alawis. Christians included Maronites, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholics, Roman Catholics, Jacobites, Armenian Orthodox, Assyrians, and Protestants. Fewer than 100 Jews in 1987.

Data as of December 1987