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Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Estimates in 1985 ranged from Lú30 billion to Lú43.8 billion (for value of the Lebanese pound--see Glossary); in either case, in real terms GDP no more than half 1974 level. Inflation in 1987 estimated at more than 700 percent, and unemployment estimated at 35 percent.

Agriculture: Diversity of crops grown throughout country. Biqa Valley most productive region, primarily grains but increasingly in late 1980s hashish and opium. Citrus crops grown on coast, especially in south. Tobacco also cultivated in south. Only 11 percent of labor force employed in agriculture in 1980.

Industry: Severely disrupted by civil strife. Employed about 27 percent of labor force in 1980. Cement most important industrial export in 1980s; energy production and petroleum refining also significant.

Currency: Lebanese pound.

Fiscal Year: Same as calendar year.

Data as of December 1987