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Armed Forces: In 1987 consisted of 15,000- to 18,000-man, multisectarian army and small Christian air force (800 men) and navy (450 men). Army had nine brigades organized along sectarian lines, but not all loyal to central government.

Equipment: Lightly equipped with mostly United States, British, and French matériel.

Police: Most internal security personnel assimilated into armed forces by 1987.

Militias: Principal militias, sectarian affiliations, and estimated combat strengths in 1987: Amal (Shia), 6,000 regulars (10,000 reserves); Progressive Socialist Party (Druze), 5,000 regulars (12,000 reserves); Lebanese Forces (Christian), 4,500 regulars (30,000 reserves); Hizballah (Shia), 1,000; and South Lebanon Army (Christian), 1,000.

Data as of December 1987