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Government: Constitution approved August 19, 1992 by national referendum. Constitution establishes separation of powers among executive, legislative, and judicial branches; multiparty political system; and protection of human rights and freedom of speech. President elected by universal suffrage for five-year period with two-term limit. Prime minister nominated by bicameral parliament composed of Senate and National Assembly, and approved by president. Supreme Court has eleven members and forms apex of other judicial bodies. Local government consists of twenty-eight regions with decentralized powers in economic field.

Politics: In first legislative elections of Third Republic in 1993 more than 120 political parties entered 4,000 candidates for 138 seats. Proportional representation list system encourages candidacies. Traditional village council (fokonolona) system supplements modern political system.

Foreign Relations: Good relations with many countries, particularly France and the West; in post-Cold War era seeking diversified ties with East and West, including Arab countries and Far East.

Data as of August 1994