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Based on IMF reports, Maldives's trade deficit increased to US$110.5 million in 1992 from US$82.6 million in 1991. The current account deficit also increased to US$33.2 million in 1992 from US$9.0 million in 1991. Principal food commodities imported were rice, wheat flour, and sugar. The main imported manufactured goods were petroleum products and various consumer goods. Imports in 1991 came primarily from India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Britain in that order.

Principal exports consisted of frozen, dried, and salted skipjack tuna; canned fish; dried sharkfins; and fish meal. Maldives also exported apparel and clothing accessories from its small manufacturing sector. Exports were destined mainly to Britain, the United States, and Sri Lanka in descending order.

Data as of August 1994