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Foreign Military Assistance

Historically, Mauritius has received little foreign military assistance. In January 1990, the former Soviet Union presented Mauritian authorities with two patrol boats, each of which is capable of carrying a twenty-member crew. An eight-member Soviet training team provided the MCG a ninety-day orientation training program on the use of these vessels. A five-member Soviet mechanic and engineer team remained in Mauritius for one year to service the patrol boasts.

Since independence, France, Britain, and India have provided an array of equipment and training to various Mauritian police units. Following two assassination attempts against Jugnauth in 1988 and 1989, for example, India provided a security adviser, J.N. Taimini, to help Mauritius upgrade its security services. France also has provided security assistance to bolster Jugnauth's personal bodyguard. In March 1990, the British donated a modern explosive detector to the SMF. Often, these nations have competed with one another. In June 1991, France withdrew two military cooperation agents after Mauritius granted India a contract for communications and broadcasting equipment for the SMF.

Since the latter 1980s, the United States has become more active in Mauritius. In FY 1988 Washington initiated an IMET program to increase the SMF's defensive capabilities. Since then, the IMET program has sought to enhance the country's ability to protect its EEZ and combat narcotics trafficking by offering training in small boat maintenance and coastal patrol.

Data as of August 1994