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Armed Forces in National Life


Cadets of Madagascar Military Academy, Antsirabe


Motorcycle force of Madagascar gendarmerie
Courtesy Thomas P. Ofcansky

Prior to 1977, Seychelles had no armed forces. Instead, there was a small police force modeled along British lines. René believed that the military would help preserve the country's revolution and advance socialism. Although the armed forces have been largely loyal to René, on at least one occasion, the SPLA staged a mutiny against the René regime. On August 17-18, 1982, some eighty-eight noncommissioned officers and enlisted personnel seized the Victoria radio station and port, police stations, telegraph facilities, and the Union Vale army camp. The mutineers demanded redress of numerous grievances such as a change in the composition and ideological orientation of the René regime, the expulsion of all Tanzanian military advisers, and an improvement in the living conditions of the ordinary soldier. Within thirtysix hours, loyalist forces, supported by approximately 400 Tanzania People's Defence Force personnel, crushed the mutiny and recaptured all key installations. In April 1983, the government concluded a secret court martial of the mutineers. Since then, the armed forces have acquiesced in the goals and policies of the René regime.

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