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Diégo-Suarez, near Antsiranana, site of Malagasy port and naval base
Courtesy Thomas P. Ofcansky

The national army, the Comorian Armed Forces (Forces Armées Comoriennes--FAC), maintains a personnel strength of approximately 700 to 800 men. The FAC inventory includes an array of small arms and light military vehicles. A small military aviation element operates a Cessna 402B and an AS-350B Écureuil. The aircraft are used for VIP transport. Comoros lacks a navy. Most military training occurs in Comoros; however, a small number of army personnel have received some foreign training, primarily in France and the United States. Historically, army morale has been low, largely because of the GP's predominance and influence. After taking control of the island in December 1989, France dissolved the Comorian army and unveiled plans to train and organize a new Comorian armed forces.

Data as of August 1994