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Armed Forces: In 1987 army 14,400; navy 320; and air force 150.

Combat Units: In 1987 army consisted of one infantry battalion, two armored car squadrons, one parachute-commando company, three reconnaissance squadrons, two artillery batteries, one airborne company, one engineering corps, and one antiaircraft battery. Naval weapons included thirteen coastal patrol boats (eight of which were seaworthy), of which only two could be dispatched at a time. Air force included thirteen combat aircraft.

Military Budget: In 1985 approximately US$43.3 million, about 25 percent of central government's budget.

Police and Internal Security Agencies: In 1987 single national police force with approximately 1,000 men performed routine police functions in cities; National Guard, numbering 1,400 men, responsible for rural areas. Both under supervision of Ministry of Interior, Telecommunications, and Information, which also responsible for Customs Corps and Presidential Guard.

Data as of June 1988