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Population: In mid-1993 estimated at 1,106,516 with population growth rate of 0.95 percent. Density more than 537 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Ethnic Groups: Constitution recognizes four population categories: Hindus (about 49 percent in 1989), general population (about 29 percent in 1989), Muslims (about 16 percent in 1989), and Sino-Mauritians (about 3 percent in 1989). Ancestors of Hindus and Muslims came from Indian subcontinent; most SinoMauritians from Hunan; general category represents all others, including Europeans, Creoles.

Languages: English (official), Creole, French, Hindi, Bhojpuri, and Tamil.

Religion: Hindu (49 percent), Christian (27 percent Roman Catholic, 0.5 percent Protestant), Muslim (16 percent, of which 95 percent Sunni), and other (7.5 percent).

Education: Follows British system, free through postsecondary level. University of Mauritius and other postsecondary institutions exist. Overall literacy in 1990: 80 percent; 85 percent for males and 75 percent for females.

Health: Government health services accessible to most of population. In 1994 life expectancy at birth estimated at: overall 70.5 years, 74.6 for females, 66.6 years for males. In 1994 infant mortality 18.4 per 1,000 live births.

Data as of August 1994