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Government: Patterned on British system; political party with majority support in National Assembly chooses prime minister, who selects cabinet. National Assembly has elected representatives from twenty three-member constituencies and one two-member district on Rodrigues. Also eight seats for "best losers": two each for Hindus, Muslims, Chinese, and general population. Mauritius became republic in 1992; president appointed by prime minister and approved by assembly has titular function. Supreme Court heads judicial system, based on Napoleonic Code and English common law. Local government not specified in 1968 constitution, but all councils elected.

Politics: Numerous political parties of which government consists of coalition of Militant Socialist Movement (MSM), Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM), and several others; opposition led by Mauritian Labor Party (MLP) and Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD).

Foreign Relations: Member of Commonwealth of Nations; has particularly strong relations with Britain, France, India, and, since 1990, South Africa. Mauritius supports Indian Ocean Zone of Peace; has tension with France over claim to Tromelin Island, 550 kilometers northwest. Some strain in relations with United States because of United States base on Diego Garcia Island. Growing trade relations with Hong Kong, Japan, and China. Member of Organization of African Unity.

Data as of August 1994