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Armed Forces: Armed forces under Ministry of Defense. In early 1995 totaled approximately 11,000: ground forces (9,800, including army and Guard Battalion) and air force (1,300, including air defense). Reserves of 100,000 (those who had had military service in previous five years). Universal conscription, for up to eighteen months.

Major Military Units: In 1994 army consisted of three motor rifle brigades, one artillery brigade, and one reconnaissance/assault battalion. Air force consisted of one fighter regiment, one helicopter squadron, and one missile brigade.

Military Equipment: Arms from former Soviet stocks and undetermined quantities of arms from Romania.

Internal Security: National police, including internal troops (2,500) and OPON riot police (900) under Ministry of Interior. Security police and Border Guards under Ministry of National Security. Local assets of former Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic KGB transferred to new government along with personnel who wished to transfer to form new Ministry of National Security.

Russian Troops: Russian 14th Army (14,200, including Republican Guard) and "Cossacks" (approximately 1,000) constitute forces of self-proclaimed "Dnestr Moldavian Republic" in Transnistria.

Data as of June 1995