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Armed Forces: Royal Nepal Army, of about 35,000 volunteers. Enlistment for initial period of ten years; former Gurkhas for three years. Primary mission to back up local police and maintain security in Kathmandu Valley--the seat of government. No personnel mobilization plan in event of war or declared national emergency; no contingency plan to draft during or in anticipation of emergency.

Military Units and Equipment: Fourteen infantry brigades in Royal Nepal Army; one air wing in Royal Nepal Army Air Service. Shortages of virtually all categories of weapons and equipment. Obsolete weapons in inventory.

Military Budget: In 1989 US$33 million, or approximately 1.2 percent of GNP and 6.2 percent of total central government expenditures.

Foreign Military Relation: Royal Nepal Army personnel serve in United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon; Gurkhas also serve in British Brigade of Gurkhas, in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and Brunei.

Police Force: Nepalese Police Force of 28,000 personnel under central administration of Ministry of Home Affairs. Overseen by king and advisers with little or nor public accountability.

Data as of September 1991