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Dependency and Sex Ratios

Figure 6. Nepal: Population Distribution by Age and Sex, 1988

Source: Based on information from Nepal, National Planning Commission Secretariat, Central Bureau of Statistics, Statistical Pocket Book: Nepal, 1988, Kathmandu, 1988, 26.

The dependency ratio is defined as the ratio of the population in the birth to fourteen age-group, and those sixty years and older to the population in the productive age-group, that is, fifteen to fifty-nine years of age. In 1981 this ratio stood at eighty to nine. The temporal increase in the number of those in the young population group has depressed the median age of the population from 21.1 years in the mid-1950s to 19.9 years in 1981. The sex ratio in 1981, defined as the number of males to 100 females, was 105 males to every 100 females (see fig. 6).

Data as of September 1991