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Uniforms, Ranks, and Insignia

Figure 14. Military Ranks and Insignia, 1993

The service and dress uniform of the Austrian army is gray; for formal occasions a white uniform may be worn. The air force uniform is identical, with the addition of wings worn on the right jacket breast--gold for officers and silver for enlisted personnel. Branches of service are identified by beret colors: scarlet for artillery; green for infantry; black for armor; cherry for air force; and dark blue for quartermaster. Insignia of rank are worn on the jacket lapel of the dress uniform (silver stars on a green or gold shield) and on the epaulets of the field uniform (silver or gold stars on a gray field).

Of the eight enlisted ranks, only a sergeant (Wachtmeister) or above is considered an NCO. There are two warrant officer ranks--Offiziersstellvertreter and Vizeleutnant. The lowest commissioned rank of officer candidate (Fähnrich)--is held by cadets at the military academy and by reserve officers in training for the rank second lieutenant. To maintain conformity with grade levels in the civil service, there are only two ranks of general in the personnel system--brigadier general (one star) and general lieutenant (three stars). However, the ranks of major general (two stars) and full general (equivalent to four stars) are accorded to officers holding particular military commands (see fig. 14).

Data as of December 1993